Kid’s Bowling Leagues

Web-Slider---Kids-LeagueBowling is a sport you can get involved in right now! You don’t need to have all the skills, just the willingness to learn.

Bowling will allow you to meet new people and develop a sense of accomplishment while having a great time. We are dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. We have an incredible youth program and invite you to join. Contact Donnetta Hearn at 918-455-4616 or today.

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Youth Leagues are available on the following dates:


4:00 PM HOT SHOTS SCRATCH For youth bowlers with an average of 120-150 4:00 PM RISING STARS SCRATCH For youth bowlers with an average of 151-170 4:00 PM JUNIOR PROS SCRATCH For youth bowlers with an average of 170 or higher


4:30 SHINING KNIGHTS ages 11 & under 2 Per Team 4:30 PM PRINCES & PRINCESSES ages 12 & older 3 Per Team


4:30 – Youth Sport Shot League – Sport Bowling conditions are more challenging than typical league conditions.  Coaches on the lanes to assist youth bowlers in reading the lane conditions and how to adjust appropriately.  This league is designed for the advanced youth bowler that wants to take their game to the next level


9:30 a.m Lane Burners – ages 5-11    – Weekend Warriors ages 12 and older